Colds, Work & Getting Back On The Horse...

11:04 PM

Some days are just gloomy.... 
Some days you just want to cover your head and go back to sleep...

The last few days have been one of those days... 
Like seriously one. of. those. days....

My entire extended family has been fighting a flu/bronchitis like cold.  I work in an office with people who had bronchitis and came to work and for the last two months I've fought this cold off and I fought hard.  
Juicing helped  a lot but even all the juice and healthy micronutrients in the world couldn't stop this bad boy.  
Oh and it was a bad cold.

I don't take days off from work. Even sick, I still work.  I will literally take my work home and work in my home office and via Skype but I don't take time off from the day job... if I did, I would never be able to catch up.  So I worked and I worked and I juiced and I juiced and drank hot tea with lemon and hydrated and slept.  I ate small amounts of food (mostly salads and veggie soup) when I felt up to it... and I slept when I normally blog in the evenings and night after I fed and put my son to bed.   

My boy, oh that precious 11 year old always growing, always learning, always creeping closer and closer to being at the same eyeline as me... scary.  He hasn't gotten this cold.  See, he juices too with me.  He's on an organic diet but I pretty much let him have what he wants provided it's lean and healthy.  Well he hasn't gotten this cold and I don't think he will.  He gets a full 10+ hours of sleep at night and is more physically active than I am on a consistent basis.  His immune system has been strong and fighting this cold off. 

Honestly, this cold sucks.  It really sucks.  Tonight is the first night I've been able to be back blogging and working on non "day job" stuff.  I feel like I'm playing catch up but it's manageable.  I tell ya, I get hate for it but juicing really has helped me beat this cold/flu/bronchitis like thing a lot faster.  I did it without going to a doctor either (I know...I should have gone but I had no time)....  4 days and done.  No more grogginess, no more mucus, no more headache or coughing or stuffy nose.  yay!

My nieces had it, my parents had it, my brother and his wife had it and my coworkers had something similar to it..  Most of them had it a month ago and are still sick or just starting to get over it.  I had it for 4 days and am pretty much symptom free.  I'm telling ya' eating a diet rich in vegetables and fruits really helps.  Whether you juice or not, you have to eat those veggies and fruits.  Juicing just helps you to consume more than you could eat in one sitting because it's all micronutrients in a glass and it works through your bloodstream a lot faster than when your stomach has to digest the veggies.  I'm not a vegan, more vegetarian-ish...  I eat lean fish and chicken but no red meat anymore and once in awhile I'll have lamb..  

This post is going to get ramble-y if I don't stop now so I will.  

Happy to be back in the saddle!! I hope you all are avoiding the bad colds/flus and worse out there!!  Remember to eat as many GMO free fruits and veggies to just keep your body and mind strong and healthy!! 

Oh.. GMO's.... been battling them here in Hawai'i.... More on that in another post later this weekend... 

Happy Wednesday and I hope you are all healthy and well!!


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