Jennifer Aniston + Aveeno

3:31 AM

So I was watching tv last night when this commercial started to play.  I can't help but like Jennifer Aniston.  I don't know if its because she is so down to earth or whether it's because she was my favorite on Friends... or perhaps it's because she got her start in The Leprechaun (Happy St. Patrick's Day), but I always have and probably always will like Jen.  She's just that kind of likable chick that seems so cool, mellow and laid back.

She's got that very easy, breezy California vibe about her without the pretention.  Anyway, I'm excited to see what her collaboration with Aveeno brings about in regards to new products and ads. I like Aveeno, it's one of the few brands I can use at will without worrying about having a bad reaction.  Though I'm sure Jennifer Aniston doesn't use their face products (not that there's anything wrong with them), their lotion is really gentle and moisturizing.  Heck, regardless of whether she actually uses them or not, I'm sure having her as a spokeswoman will increase Aveeno's sales worldwide.

I'm personally looking forward to the collaboration.  Makes me want to go buy a new bottle of lotion..  yeah... I'm an easy sale on beauty and skincare!

Check out the commercial below!

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