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If you're like me, you spend way too much time on Facebook.  Ever since I started my diet/workout lifestyle change, I "liked" several pages that are health-related, specifically gearing towards eating organic and exposing the big bad companies who keep trying to keep GMOs unlabeled.  It's a sad fact of the matter whether you believe it or not, GMO's are terrible and they have been linked to numerous diseases and specifically have been linked to mass tumors and cancers in lab rats.  There have yet to be any tests on humans, however...wonder why?  Perhaps it's because the companies pushing these poisons hidden in our food know that the study would show detrimental health dangers and people would become scared and demand GMOs be outlawed like they are in so many other countries outside of the United States.  

Sad fact of the matter is this hidden agenda has been going on for years and years... take aspartame and other artificial sweeteners on the market.  I know I personally am highly allergic to aspartame.  Look on the labels of pretty much every popular brand of gum, several brands of candy, diet sodas, some toothpastes even have it... aspartame.  I don't know about you, but I'd rather take my chances with straight up sugar than aspartame. 

There were some amazing health-related infographics on several of my favorite health/diet/wellness Facebook pages so I've decided to share them with you today. 

Seriously, the side effects are so not worth the chemically sweet taste aspartame gives your food & drinks.

This infographic is sad but true.  I'm not saying doctors are the devil or anything but the health industry is one of the wealthiest, most corrupt industries out there.  They make BILLIONS off of diseased, dying Americans every year.  They push medications for everything with a laundry list of life dangering side effects.   Think about it... how many drug commercials do you see when you watch tv?  Many of the diseases they're trying to push meds for don't even require meds to be properly treated.  Not all doctors are bad so don't freak out...but the truth of the matter is many drug companies pay doctors to prescribe their specific drug... I had a doctor once (whom I no longer go to) try to push anti-anxiety medication on me because I had hives.  Seriously.. I had hives, I just needed some anti-itch cream and to hydrate and wait it out... he was adamant on prescribing me Xanax and Ativan.  I refused.  I had no history of anxiety whatsoever... My hives were caused by an allergic reaction to food but he insisted I take the meds.  I didn't fill his prescription and went to another doctor who looked totally shocked and aghast at the fact that I was prescribed two very powerful tranquilizers meant for high anxiety ...because I had hives... Thank God for second opinions!

Fluoride is poison.  It's banned in most of Europe and it's been linked to so many diseases and bone decay.   Any benefits it may have are far outweighed by the damage it does.  Thank God we don't have fluoridated water in Hawai'i yet.  I hope we never get it.  I don't use toothpaste with fluoride.  My teeth have never been cleaner and I have no decay/cavities/plaque or any of the conditions my dentist thought I'd get by switching to a fluoride free toothpaste.  Go figure. 

I really loved this because of the bright colors and it's a really easy guide asto how the colors of your fruits and veggies correlate to the benefits eating them has on your health. 

Is it just me or are there a lot more people with diabetes out there?  Seriously, 1in 5 people I know has it or is borderline diabetic.  It's all about the bad, over processed food that is so popular in American nowadays.  I saw this graphic that one of my besties who is fighting diabetes reposted and I thought I'd share it with all of you.  Yummy ways to keep the diabetes away or help to get rid of it. 

Love me some spinach!!  The fresh kind...not the canned... I'm not Popeye but... the cartoon had a good message.  Eating fresh spinach is really great for your health.  Blend it in a smoothie if you don't like the taste, it's so good for you and it actually gives the fruit smoothie a wonderful flavor!

Baking soda is like the wonder ingredient.  I have seen countless posts about it's benefits and I have started using it more as I've transitioned into a more healthy lifestyle.  Mixing a little with water and making a paste is wonderful to exfoliate your skin and my breakouts clear up twice as fast when I use it compared to when I don't!

These infographics weren't meant to scare you, they were meant to inspire and educate and I really just wanted to share them with all of you.  Little steps can make a HUGE difference in your health.  Just take it one day at a time and slowly implement more veggies and fruits and less processed food and I promise, as the days and weeks go on, you'll feel like a new person!!

Aloha and Happy Tuesday!

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