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I get a ton of emails every day with questions about my blog, advertising and especially, the Aloha Friday Blog Hop.  My inbox gets so backed up with inquiries that sometimes it takes me days to answer those emails.  Firstly, let me say that if you've emailed me and haven't heard from me yet, I'm not ignoring you...  I'm working on replying to everyone and should be caught up by week's end *fingers crossed*.

So here we go...


I know some of you aren't familiar with advertising or how to sponsor blogs.  I get a ton of questions from people who want to sponsor What Jean Likes or who have questions about what that entails.  Yes, anyone who has active ads on my blog are automatically entered into the Aloha Friday Blog Hop every week that their ad is live on my blog.  Want your link to be one of the first people see?  Sponsor What Jean Likes by purchasing an ad space!! All Sponsors are automatically linked up! More info on becoming a sponsor here: Sponsorship & Advertising page.

I just added a new ad space called "Post Sponsor Ads" last night.  It's up, ready and available for purchase if you're interested.  I won't bore you with details in this post.  I'm having a promotional sale on this new ad space to celebrate!! If you look at the very top of my page, there is a colorful bar with information on current sales on ads.  Use the code above to get the discount when you buy ads (if you want to buy ads).  If you don't see it, you can always tweet me @whatjeanlikes to see if I have any current ad specials. I usually respond to those within minutes.  You can get all of those details and info by clicking here:  What Jean Likes Sponsor & Advertising Info.

Aloha Friday Blog Hop Details
  • Aloha Friday Blog Hop (AFBH) occurs every week starting late Thursday - the following Wednesday each week. 
  • Although it's called the Aloha FRIDAY blog hop, I consider it more of a weekend to early week hop.  
  • Co-hosting is completely free.
  • Upcoming months are full.  There are spaces open in June and beyond.  (I'm actually working on a spreadsheet that I will eventually make live so potential co-hosts can sign up and reserve a spot)  That spreadsheet should be launched next week and I'll update all of you when it happens.  That will make signing up an easier, more streamlined process for you and for me.
  • AFBH doesn't typically start on the 1st of the month and end on the last day.  For example, the March AFBH first week was 3/8-3/13 and the last week for the March team will be 3/29-4/3.
  • Co-hosting is a month long commitment.  Don't sign up to co-host unless you are sure that you can and will post the code every week (4 weeks total) and do a little light networking.
  • Each week we feature a blog in the "Aloha Hoapili" feature in the hop.  It doesn't cost anything to enter for that drawing. All you have to do is link up to be eligible and my main co-host Sarah chooses the winner at random and sends me the code. 
  • Co-hosts are required to have the AFBH button in their sidebar for the duration that they are co-hosting the AFBH.
  • I create the code and design for the hop and typically email it between Wednesday and Thursday before the hop.
  • We ask that you post the hop no later than noon Friday each week.  If you can't do it by then, just let me know you'll be running a little late.  As long as it's up by Saturday, it should be fine. 
  • We asks that all co-hosts follow Sarah, myself and the other monthly co-hosts at least for the duration of the blog hop.  Supporting each other is crucial to building a strong team.
  • There aren't any set rules for this hop.  It's all about showing each other love and aloha.  
  • Anyone can link up their family friendly blog and/or Twitter/Facebook/Pinterest/ can link up all of your links to the hop if you want.  
  • The only real rule we have is that if you link up, please follow all the hosts. 
  • As a co-host, you basically get the code, follow the co-hosts and after it's live, spread the word.  
  • I get questions about how to spread the word; sharing it on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, other blog hops, anywhere you think can help is just fine.  You don't need to spend a ton of time doing it, just try your best. A little goes a long way. 
  • We ask that anyone who links up follows at least 3 other blogs (besides the co-hosts) to share the aloha with each other.  
  • Every month we host a giveaway.  It's optional for co-hosts to participate, not mandatory at all.  
  • Co-hosts can give away anything they want whether it's ad space, gift cards, crafted items, or other items.  
  • During the monthly giveaway, I create a Rafflecopter form for people to enter the giveaway.  All co-hosts who've contributed to the giveaway have their blogs/links featured first as options to enter the giveaway.  After their links, I add links for the other co-hosts blogs that aren't participating. This gives entrants more opportunities to increase their odds of winning and it helps co-hosts to increase their followers. 
  • I personally follow back every person that comments.  I used to follow back every person who linked up but as it creeps to nearly 500 link ups, it's too time consuming to follow everyone who links up.  If you want to make sure you get a guaranteed follow back from me, leave me a comment.  I run a week or so behind following all those that commented back but I always follow back everyone who comments on my blog's AFBH post for the week.
I try to keep the hop really easy for the co-hosts and anyone linking up.  I put a lot of time and work into it because it is my baby and I love how we've grown as a bloggy family over nearly a year.  I like to keep the atmosphere with the Aloha Friday Blog Hop very welcoming, kind, relaxing and fun.  I have found quite a few amazing blogs through the blog hop and I hope you have as well! 

Sheesh, that was a lot of info. It just poured out of me while I considered the wide array of questions I get.  It's a lot easier than the huge list I made, I just wanted to answer every question I have gotten in my inbox.

Well I hope that answered any questions you had about my blog and the Aloha Friday  Blog Hop!  I sit here while my eyes slowly close from exhaustion and bid you goodnight and good morning.  I will be replying to everyone's emails as quickly as possible and I than you from the bottom of my heart for being a reader, friend and participant in my blog.  The friendships that have grown through this bloggy world are ones I cherish and am so thankful for. 

Aloha and Happy Wednesday,

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