Monday Bytes #7...On Hawaiian Time

12:24 AM

Well my lovelies, I am running on what we in Hawai'i affectionately call Hawaiian Time which basically just means we're running a tad bit late or behind schedule, on Hawaiian time, if you will. So please forgive me for having my Monday Bytes feature up just after the clock strikes midnight in Hawai'i for Tuesday.

Oh the day job has been rough, rough I tell ya'!  Thankful to have it, rough and tough as it may be.. perhaps more on that later... for now it's time to get to the link love of the posts I heart this week!

Have you linked up with the Aloha Friday Blog Hop this week and entered our awesome giveaway?   There's still time!

  • Healthy Eating 101 {Calm, Healthy, Sexy} -Learn some useful strategies to eating healthy and improving your overal health and wellbeing!
  • Losing My Identity {Funny Postpartum Lady} -Visit one of my favorite mamas as she explores the transition from mommy with a day job to stay at home mommy.
  • 7 Easy Easter Egg Decorating Ideas {Yesterday on Tuesday} -The always creative and crafty Malia explores egg decorating in ways I never imagined!
  • Take The Time To Be Still {Simply Heavenly Food} -Excellent scriptures and words to live by. About finding the time to turn to God, especially when things seem difficult. 
  • Navy & Pink Done Right {The Serena Saga}- Loved this look she put together, full of color and textures!
  • Organizing Your Desktop {Her & Nicole} - Rekita shares with us some amazing and easy organization ideas for your desktop! 
  • Craiglist A Home Tour {Local Sugar Hawaii} -Nicole shares lovely photos of her beautifully decorated home she leaves behind as she and her family move & open a new and exciting chapter in their lives. You have to read how she weaves her words ever so perfectly. Lovely.
  • Katie's New Start {The Blonde Episodes} - Beautiful photos from the Allure shoot with Katie Holmes and a fresh start for the newly single actress. 
I've also been loving the photos my friend TH Williams Photography took on the North Shore of O'ahu last week.  The wave photo in the beginning of the post is his.  I'm going to be sharing more throughout the week! 

What were your favorite posts of the week? Don't be shy!! Share your own or others' posts here in the comments, I'm always looking for new good reads! 


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